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It was the August 2020 when the twins were separated by an adoption. We were adopted by different ones; one brings me to a different place to the other and that was also a rough time to separate. This separation changed the life of both. Both started living in different situations without knowing each other. As time passed, one day something happened that was a life-changing event. I discovered that my twin became famous after many months of rough life. My twin had gone to the moon. That twin had not been forgotten by me and so I started making strategies to make it possible, as the other twin had done. So, after many months of work and research to make things possible and to meet the other twin, I am here to meet you again. I am able to go to moon with better plans & strategies. I will also go to the moon for a new meetup and reunite. one year is a long period to make this happen.

Join me going to the moon to meet my Twin


Twin Vault

Twin Vault will help our community to lend or borrow their crypto asset in return for profit. It will be a single pool vault for each cryptocurrency where all lenders can deposit their crypto and earn stable returns with a full guarantee covering their assets and profits.

Twin Swap

Twin Swap is our decentralised swap to exchange your crypto at the lowest possible fee & slippage. Twin Swap is the next level swap offered with limit orders and concentrated Liquidity provided, like Uniswap 3.0.

Gaming Platform & NFT Market Place

We are developing our first ever game where users can play and make unique NFTs which can be sold on the market, more details soon. We are also launching a complete NFT marketplace for the whole meme industry to sell your unique NFTS and get paid.

IMO (Initial Meme Offering)

This is all about helping the legit projects to get the maximum exposure. Once we build a community of 500k users, we will launch our own MEME Launchpad to help new innovative projects to reach their targets.

Cross Chain Dapps

Cross-chain dapps for Ethereum, matic and other blockchains to facilitate more users across the globe.

Twin Traveling

First ever MEME travelling portal where you do not need to carry cash to travel. You just hold your Twin Shiba tokens in your wallet and you are good to go & travel the world. Your token will keep growing on each transaction in the ecosystem.

First Ever Triple Burning Deflationary Token

Twin Shiba is the first ever triple burning deflationary token that burns its supply in 3 ways to increase the value of each token.

Our Unique First Ever Triple-Burning Deflationary Protocol

Auto Buy Back

On each Transaction, 6% of Funds are sent to Kraken which buy back and burn 0.03% to 0.05% on every 250 sell orders. The higher the market cap, the more it will burn. It activates at 5 million market cap and start burning 0.03% of the total BNB value every 250 sell orders. As the market cap grows to 10 million, it will double the speed of burning by buying 0.04% of its BNB value and burning it. At 100 million it reaches its maximum burning speed of 0.05% 250 sell orders and ensures more buy back from the market to make the price go up.

Auto Burn Back

On each sell, an extra 2% fee is charged and burned directly.

Vested Supply Burning

This is all about aggressive burning and rapid increase of market price. Every 500 sell orders, 0.01% of the vested supply will be burned hence giving more value to each token price.


First Ever Triple-Burning Deflationary Twinomics

Buy Fees

  • 3% Marketing
  • 6% Kraken
Redistribution to holders: 3%

Sell Fees

  • 3% Marketing
  • 6% Kraken
Redistribution: 4%
Auto Burn : 2%

Token Distribution

Initial Burn
Dev Tokens
Private Sale
Pancakeswap Liquidity
Vested Supply
Total Supply 1000000000000000

Twin Shiba Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Website Launch
  • Marketing Campaigns on Social Media (Telegram, Twitter, Reddit & Many more)
  • Airdrop For Top Shillers & community builders
  • Social Influencer Marketing for massive push
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Coin Gecko & Coin Market Cap Listing
  • Certik Audit
  • YouTube Campaigns
  • 10000 Holders

Phase 2

  • Launch of our Twin Vault
  • Launch of onchain swap
  • Launch of Travel App
  • 2nd Push of Marketing
  • Launch of Gaming app with NFT Market place
  • Launch of our Launchpad IMO (Initial Meme Offering)
  • Voluntary donation for community + charity partnership
  • Donation to Dog Charity
  • 100000 Holders
  • 100,000 telegram members
  • NFT Market Place for Memes

Phase 3

  • Launch of more innovative products in our Ecosystem
  • Market Cap 1 Billion Dollars
  • Incentivize more Meme creators
  • $250k Charity donation
  • Cross Chain Dapps
  • Merchandise Launch

Charity Partners

Twin Shiba Token is proud to announce a charity donation to a Non-profit charity Organization, The Man That Rescues Dogs (TMTRD). This Charity Organisation is the best Asian charity Organization. They are committed to helping rescue and provide homes and also better life opportunities for starving street dogs with good gestures and ambitions. Twin Shiba is making a collaboration with (TMTRD) a Non-Profit Organization

Twin Shiba Token is proud to announce another charity donation to the charity organisation Paws Crossed Animal Rescue. This organisation is working for animals and offers services to needy pet parents to feed and also train their dogs. This organization is also very committed to helping and rescuing animals. Our collaboration with (PCAR) will be a bond to help and rescue animals.

Our Document

You can find links to our official white paper and independent audit below so you can be confident knowing you are in good hands with us!

Woof Paper

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